Standard Plans

Our standard plans, come with a custom Upplet and Portal branding, a sponsor control panel, access to a growing public library of content streams.

Our entry level Bronze service allows you to have up to 50 active Portal or Upplet recipients. An active recipient is someone who has been touched at least once in the last 30 days. The Silver Plan supports up to 100 active recipients. The Gold plan supports up to 200 recipients and subaccounts which can share in that bucket. Subaccounts are $10 to set up and are $10 per month.

A standard plans support custom content streams. There is a $75 fee to load text streams and $150 fee for image series. Your content becomes part of the public library.

Custom Private Content

The Gold Private plan allows you to offer custom private content to your audience. The plan is $45 per month and can be given to up to 100 active recipients. Additional recipients are $0.50 per month.

Premium Content Plans

Want to offer advanced e-training to your customer base. Our system supports premium plans with custom content streams and recurring billing.


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